Outfit of the Week - Grainline Studio Archer Shirt with Closet Case Patterns Ginger Skinny Jeans

Well, I've got some great patterns for you in this week's outfit - Grainline Studio's Archer shirt with Closet Case Patterns' Ginger skinny jeans!  Here's what inspired the outfit:


Images from Sincerely Jules, Eat/Sleep/Wear, Le Fashion, Eat/Sleep/Wear, Le Fashion, and Wendy's Lookbook


As some of you may have noticed, there was no outfit last week.  Sadly, it was not because I suddenly decided to jet off to the Bahamas for a mini-break.  Alas, it was the opposite: I was ill.  Fortunately, I'm feeling much, much better now.  :-)  

I love this week's outfit - a classic shirt with skinny jeans, using two fabulous patterns.  First, we have Grainline Studio's Archer shirt.

This is a hugely popular pattern: it currently has 114 reviews on PatternReview.com!  What's more, 97% of those who rated it gave it a positive rating.  So, if you're looking to make a shirt, this is a great pattern to choose.  Grainline Studio also has a very detailed sewalong on their blog, which guides you step-by-step through the process of sewing up this pattern - perfect for those new to shirt-making and for those wanting to improve their skills.  

The Archer shirt is a loosely-fitted shirt with breast-pockets and a yoke.  If you're wanting to make a more fitted shirt, you might want to have a look at Sewaholic's Granville shirt or Burda's 7136.

Archer has two interesting variations.  One (included in the pattern) adds a gathered lower back panel:


The other variation - turning it into a popover shirt - was recently released as a PDF extension pattern:


I keep on reading in fashion magazines that skinny jeans are on the way out.  However, they are definitely still hugely popular in the fashion blogosphere and they're probably not going to disappear anytime soon!  Closet Case Patterns' Ginger skinny jeans are a really great option for making skinny jeans.  Why?  Well, first, this is a really well-reviewed pattern: 41 reviews on PatternReview.com and, of those who rated the pattern, all of them gave the pattern a positive rating!  Second, there's a detailed sewalong on Closet Case Files (Closet Case Patterns' blog).  For those wanting even more help, there's an e-book available which provides even more detailed guidance on sewing jeans.  Third, if you decide to give flares a go, there's an extension pattern for Ginger which allows you to turn them into flared jeans!  So, if you'd like to make your own jeans, there are three great reasons to try Ginger.  :-)

For making up these great patterns, I've got some beautiful fabrics!  For the shirts, I've got our high-quality, made-in-England Spencer shirtings.  These come from a specialist shirting supplier that also supplies some of the shirtmakers on Jermyn Street in London!  Alongside these are our lovely AGF 'pure elements' cotton broadcloths.  I'll be comparing and contrasting these two ranges once we get to the photos below.

For the jeans, I'm happy to announce that we recently received more of our blue stretch denim and black stretch denim.  These proved hugely popular when I had them in stock previously, and they're perfect for making skinny jeans.  It was difficult re-ordering them.  They're both end-of-the-roll fabrics from a high-end, high-street retailer and my supplier had difficulty getting more.  However, fortunately, they were able to find more and I'm pleased to be able to offer these to you once again!

Ok - onto the photos.  In the photo below, you'll see our black stretch denim paired with three shirtings - from left to right, our white Spencer shirting, our AGF pure elements snow cotton broadcloth, and our white Spencer pinpoint shirting.

This close-up photo will give you a somewhat better idea of the differences between the shirtings (particularly if you click on the photo to make it bigger).  Our white Spencer shirting (left) and our AGF pure elements snow cotton broadcloth (centre) are similar fabrics.  The difference is that the Spencer shirting - being a higher quality cloth - uses a finer, more uniform, more lustrous yarn.  This results in a beautiful shirting with a fine weave and a lustrous sheen.  The AGF broadcloth uses a thicker, slightly more irregularly-sized yarn, resulting in a fabric that is not quite as fine as Spencer and that has more character to the weave.   Pinpoint shirting (right) is altogether different.  Pinpoint is a type of fabric that uses thicker weft yarns and thinner warp yarns.  The result is a thicker fabric with a noticeable weave.  In terms of opacity, our Spencer pinpoint shirting is definitely the most opaque of our three white shirtings (it's pretty much opaque).  The other two shirtings are not fully opaque (but they're also not very see-through: I would definitely feel very comfortable wearing shirts made of of them).  


Here's our blue stretch denim (left) and our dark navy Sydney stretch denim (right).  I've paired them with our AGF pure elements tranquil waters cotton broadcloth (left) and our light blue Spencer pinpoint shirting (right).  I think this photo gives a better idea of the weave of our AGF broadcloth and our Spencer pinpoints.


Finally, here's our black stretch denim paired with our black Spencer shirting (left) and our AGF pure elements caviar cotton broadcloth (right):

In terms of how to style a shirt and jeans, I think the inspiration photos give some great suggestions!  

  • wear the shirt tucked, untucked or - as shown in the first photo - half-tucked
  • roll the sleeves (I love the casual look in the first photo, with the half-tuck and the rolled sleeves!)
  • dress down your look with flats or sneakers, or glam up the look with a pair of pumps or ankle boots (I love the boots in the 2nd photo!)
  • stay warm by adding a long cardigan, coat or sleeveless jacket
  • add a bow (as shown in the last photo)!



Further Details

Grainline Studio Archer Shirt
£13 (£11.25 until noon on Monday!)
Sizes: 0-18
Level: intermediate 
Reviews: 114 reviews on PatternReview.com97% of those who rated it gave it a positive rating!
Similar patterns: Sewaholic Granville; Burda 7136; Named Wenona

Closet Case Patterns Ginger Skinny Jeans
£15 (£11.70 until noon on Monday!)
Sizes: 0-20
Level: 4 (out of 5 difficulty levels)
Reviews: 41 reviews on PatternReview.com; of those who rated the pattern, all of them give it a positive rating!
Similar patterns: Burda 6855 


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March 11, 2016 by Amy Lloyd
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