Dungarees: They're Back!

As those of you who follow me on Facebook will know, there was no 'Outfit of the Week' last week because I was ill.  However, I'm feeling much better now and I'm super-chuffed about this week's outfit: dungarees!  I haven't owned a pair of dungarees since the mid-1990s (when I was a young teenager).  I loved the dungarees I had back then: they were comfortable and fun to wear.  Hence my excitement when I started seeing dungarees popping up across the fashion blogosphere in the last year or two.  They're definitely back in style!

This week's 'Outfit of the Week' is Pauline Alice's Turia dungarees paired with Grainline Studio's Lark tee.  Here's the images that inspired the outfit:


Images from Atlantic-Pacific, The Blonde Salad, Atlantic-Pacific, Something Navy, and Atlantic-Pacific


If you're thinking of making dungarees, Pauline Alice's Turia dungarees should definitely be at the top of your list!  It's such a great pattern, with lots of pockets, classic adjustable straps with buckles, and ankle-length, tapered legs. There's also a shorts version for wearing in the summer, and a pinafore dress variation on Pauline Alice's blog!  

I've paired the Turia dungarees with Grainline Studio's Lark tee - a great, basic t-shirt pattern with lots of neckline and sleeve options.  


As for fabrics, we've got some great jerseys for Lark - including two new striped jerseys!  One has narrow navy and white stripes, and the other has narrow cream stripes on a black background.  They're both lovely, soft, lightweight, drapey jerseys - great for T-shirts and dresses!  I've also picked out our white Rosalie viscose jersey.  Rosalie is a heavier viscose jersey, and, as a result, you can't really see through this white one!

As for denim, we've got a lot of great denim.  In the photo below, you can see (from left to right), our black stretch denim, blue stretch denim, dark navy Sydney stretch denim, navy Sandrine stretch denim, and navy crosshatch denim.  These denims differ in colour, weave and weight.  The colour and weave you can pick up in the photos.  In terms of weight, Sydney and Sandrine are somewhat lighter than the other three denims.  All are suitable for dungarees: it's just your personal preference regarding what weight you choose.  

Some close-up shots:


As for styling your dungarees once you've made them, there are some great ideas in the inspiration images:

  • Try rolling up the cuffs.
  • Go for a casual look with sneakers - or for a more glam look with pumps!
  • Dungarees also look great with a button-up shirt underneath.  Have a look at our dungarees Pinterest board for some examples.  
  • Ok - this might not be for everyone - but I do love the pom-pom hats worn by Blair of Atlantic-Pacific.  She really knows how to rock a pair of dungarees!


Further Details

Pauline Alice Turia Dungarees
£12.50 (£11.25 until noon on Monday!)
Sizes: 34-48
Level: level 2 (of 3)
Reviews: no reviews on PatternReview.com, but there are lots of fantastic versions across the web (as you'll see in Pauline Alice's Flickr album for this pattern)

Grainline Studio Lark Tee
£13 (£11.70 until noon on Monday!)
Sizes: 0 to 18
Level: beginner (Grainline Studio's easiest difficulty level)
Reviews: 10 reviews on PatternReview.com; all are positive!
Similar patterns: Tilly and the Buttons Agnes; Burda 6990; Liesl + Co. Maritime; Sewaholic Renfrew (you can see a comparison of all of our knit top patterns here)


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April 08, 2016 by Amy Lloyd
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