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If you've looked at our 'About Us' page, you'll have seen that the focus of The Splendid Stitch is on fashion, quality and convenience. I thought I’d use my second blog post to talk a little more about these three core principles. Let’s start with fashion.


The Splendid Stitch is a fashion-focused store. As you may have seen on our Pinterest pages, I keep my eye on what is going on in the fashion world, and these trends guide my buying of both fabrics and sewing patterns.

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I spend a lot of time sourcing good-quality fabric. Particularly with our ranges that we keep continually in stock, you can trust that I have scoured the available wholesalers and manufacturers in search of the best-quality fabric for a given price. In evaluating fabrics, I consider technical aspects like pill resistance and stretch recovery. I also ask myself these questions: would I be excited to sew with this fabric and would I be happy to wear something made of this fabric? Only fabrics that pass these tests are stocked (and I’m a pretty tough customer!).

Unfortunately, much of the time, when I’m evaluating fabrics, I’m having to answer these questions using tiny samples – which can be difficult. When I receive the actual fabric itself, I am sometimes a little disappointed. Rather than return these fabrics, I’ve established a clearance section on the website where these fabrics are sold at a deep discount. In many cases, there isn't actually much wrong with the fabrics in this section. However, I just wasn’t 100% happy with them and didn’t want to stock them in the main collection. If you’re looking for a good deal, you may want to have a look at these fabrics. You can find my reservations about each one in the descriptions, and you can make up your own mind!

Some samples I've received

One of the problems with shopping for fabric online is that you can’t feel a fabric and ascertain its quality. With The Splendid Stitch, you can trust that all of the fabrics stocked on our website are good-quality fabrics for making apparel. 

Our focus on quality also extends to patterns. In choosing which patterns to sell, my first concern is fashion. However, the patterns that I shortlist have to then meet a second requirement: if it’s a pattern that has been around for a while, is it well-reviewed? If it isn’t, then I don’t stock it. In determining this, I mainly use


A lot of us don’t have a huge amount of time to sew. With this in mind, I’ve designed The Splendid Stitch to make fabric and pattern shopping an easier and faster experience.

In particular, each fabric product page has a ‘Goes Well With…’ section, where I’ve listed patterns that will work well with the featured fabric and matching haberdashery (thread, zippers, lining, etc.). Each pattern product page has this section as well: here, you’ll find fabrics that will work well with the featured pattern, and haberdashery needed to make this pattern. I hope you will find these sections useful!

Finally, if you’re looking for inspiration with regard to what to sew next, check out the ‘Make Something’ section of the website: here, you’ll find pattern and fabric suggestions.


So, these are the three core principles of The Splendid Stitch. Of course, they’re not the only principles (I also believe in great customer service, for example!). However, these are the main principles that have guided product selection and the design of the website.

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April 21, 2015 by Amy Lloyd
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