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No Time to Sew (Plus Striped Tops Galore!)

It's been ages since I wrote a proper blog post!  I think it's now high-time that I inject some life into this blog!  I have to admit that I've been a bit flummoxed over the last few weeks regarding what to do with the blog.  My original plan was that I would be sewing regularly using fabrics and patterns from The Splendid Stitch, and that I would blog about my latest creations.  However, this sadly hasn't happened.  I've found since I opened that I have very little time at work to do any sewing.  The routine tasks of creating content for the website, fulfilling orders, answering emails, ordering stock, keeping up with social media, etc. more than fill up the week!  Many a time, I've looked over longingly at my sewing machine sitting in the corner - gathering dust. Meanwhile, to my frustration, many an evening and weekend have I sat at home twiddling my thumbs, wishing I had my sewing machine with me so that I could do some sewing...

So, I've reached a decision: I'm going to bring my sewing machine and most of my personal sewing supplies and equipment home.  I had been a bit resistant towards doing this over the last few months, as it seemed like, if I started sewing at home, then I would simply be working on the business round the clock.  However, having thought about this, sewing for me is a hobby: something that I really enjoy doing.  As long as I sew at my own pace and work on projects that I really want to sew and wear, then sewing at home shouldn't feel like I am simply working on my business all the time with no break.  

Coming home... My much-loved 'Very Useful Box' which stores some of my sewing supplies.  I keep this next to my sewing machine.  Very handy!


So, that's the plan.  :-)  Hopefully some completed garments will start to show up on the blog in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime, I've come up with other ideas for the blog - starting with posts relating to our 'Outfit of the Week'!

So, this week's 'Outfit of the Week' is Vogue's 8536 knit top and Named's Sara leggings. Striped knit tops are a popular item of clothing on fashion blogs at the moment.  I've actually got a whole Pinterest board devoted to them!  They look great with lots of items of clothing (you'll find some inspiration images later in this post!).  I've sourced some lovely, high-quality striped knits from a German company.  They either meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100 or are GOTS certified.  They're a little pricey, but you're paying for their quality and the environmentally-friendly manner in which they've been produced. 


I've chosen Vogue's 8536 knit top, as it's a classic - and very popular - knit top pattern.  I hemmed and hawed between this pattern and Grainline Scout tee (which can be made in knits and woven fabrics).  As I'd just featured a Grainline pattern the previous week, I ultimately decided to go with the Vogue top.  They both give different looks.  If you're looking for a fitted top, go with Vogue's pattern.  If you're wanting a looser top, go with Grainline's.  Another worthy contender is Tilly's new Agnes knit top pattern!  Grainline also has a free long-sleeved, loose-fit t-shirt pattern, the Hemlock tee.

Clockwise from top left-hand corner: Vogue 8536; Grainline Scout tee (in a knit); Grainline's Hemlock tee; Tilly and the Buttons Agnes knit top


I've paired the Vogue knit top with Named's Sara leggings.  I love this pattern: so edgy looking with the exposed zippers!  We've got a number of stretch sateens and denims that would work well with this pattern. 


Here's what these patterns look like in our fabrics (with some inspiration images!):

Outfit 1: Navy and white viscose knit; Leonore black sateen.  Outfit 2: Cream and grey striped cotton knit; Leonore red sateen. Inspiration images from here and here.


Outfit 3: Navy and white striped cotton knit and Leonore white sateen.  Outfit 4: Navy and white viscose knit and Sandrine navy stretch denim. Inspiration images from here and here.


To see all of the fabrics, click here.

Of course, as I mentioned previously, striped tops look great with lots of different bottoms.  How about wearing a striped top with:

A denim skirt?

From left to right: inspiration image; Tilly and the Button's Arielle skirt pattern; Grainline Studio's Moss skirt pattern; Sandrine navy stretch denim; Sydney dark navy stretch denim


Jeans or denim shorts?

Images from here: image 1; image 2; image 3; image 4


Lots of possibilities!  I'm planning to get in more striped knits over the coming weeks.  :-)

To read more about our outfit of the week - and to see the patterns and fabrics - click here.


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June 26, 2015 by Amy Lloyd
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