Ode to Cotton Sateen

Have you ever sewn with cotton sateen?  It's a lovely fabric to work with.  Sateen is made using the same weaving process as satin: the result is a fabric with a smooth surface and a dull lustre.  Most sateens are made of cotton, and are thus wonderful to wear, easy to take care of, and usually not very expensive.  Many also include some spandex content, which adds to their wearability.  Being medium-weight and not very drapey, they're also easy to sew and are particularly suited to more structured designs.  Finally, sateens take and display dye very well, so the prints and colours are usually very vivid.  For newbies, here's close-ups of one of our (new!) sateens, so that you can see the weave of the fabric more closely:



Some beautiful summer dresses made in cotton sateen have been popping up on blogs lately!  Karen (of 'Did You Make That?') recently made Simplicity 1882 in a lovely floral sateen.  Another pretty floral sateen was used by Rachel (of 'House of Pinheiro') for her version of By Hand London's Sophia dress

Left to right: Karen's Simplicity 1882 on 'Did You Make That?'; Rachel's By Hand London Sophia dress on 'House of Pinheiro'


This week's 'Outfit of the Week' is Victory Patterns' Chloe dress.  It's a fantastic, stylish shift dress pattern.  I love the button detailing and the faux-welt pockets!  


The recommended fabrics are medium-weight cottons, wools, gabardines and linens.  While we do have some really nice wool and gabardine suitings that you can use for Chloe, as it is summer, I decided to go for some of our lovely cotton sateens.  Here's Chloe paired with four of our sateens (plus some inspiration images!):

Inspiration images from here and here

Inspiration images from here and here


To read more about this week's 'Outfit of the Week' - and to see the pattern and fabrics - click here

Are you familiar with Victory Patterns?  Judging from the reviews on PatternReview.com, their most popular pattern (by far!) is their Lola sweatshirt dress - which we've also got in stock.  Victory Patterns was founded in 2011 by Kristiann Boos, a designer and patternmaker based in Toronto, Canada.  I really love their designs: stylish with lots of fantastic details!  I also admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for them, as they're based in my hometown of Toronto.  Whenever I see their address (on Spadina Avenue), it takes me back to the many years I spent buying fabrics in Toronto's lovely Fashion District.  :-)  (For those of you who don't know, I grew up in Canada!)

Queen Street West, Toronto (image from here)

Chloe is an intermediate pattern.  If you're more of a beginner, but would like to make something similar, you may want to have a look at Tilly and the Buttons' Francoise pattern.  It has similar style lines and can be made in cotton sateen.  It's also a pattern aimed explicitly at beginners!


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July 10, 2015 by Amy Lloyd
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