Do You Have Trouble Fitting Trousers?

This week's 'Outfit of the Week' is McCall's 7163 off-the-shoulder top with Colette's slim-fitted Clover trousers.  In putting together the outfit, I realised that Colette did an excellent sewalong for Clover when it was released in 2011: one that focuses on fit.  Which got me thinking about fitting trousers...

I have to admit that I am one of those people who has a tremendous amount of trouble fitting trousers.  It's the one area of fitting that I don't feel like I have mastered.  I can fit skirts with no problem.  I used to have a problem fitting tops and dresses, but I have now developed a system that works for me and I can usually achieve a good fit without too much fuss.  But trousers...  I have only tried fitting a few trousers patterns and each time I have been extremely dissatisfied (ok - they were disasters...).  As a result, I have avoided them.  Confession: I haven't attempted to sew a pair of trousers since about 2008 (and those trousers didn't get beyond the toile stage). 

Of course, back then, I was trying to fit without little assistance or knowledge - likely armed with just tutorials and tips found on the internet.  Since then, I have discovered Pants for Real People by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto (I *love* their Fit for Real People, which helped me to master top and dress fitting).  There are also now some classes on Craftsy that look really good, including Pati Palmer and Melissa Watson's Easy Fitting the Palmer/Pletsch Way: Pants and Sandra Betzina's Pant Fitting Techniques.  Some trousers patterns also have great sewalongs that focus on fit (like Colette's Clover sewalong).  So, I really have no excuse for avoiding trousers now.  :-)

As I mentioned at the start of this post, I am really impressed with Colette's sewalong for Clover.  It's looks like a trousers-fitting masterclass!  Here's what's included:

  1. Welcome to the Clover Sewalong!
  2. Making your muslin
  3. Large or Small Waist Adjustment
  4. Full or Flat Belly Adjustment
  5. Lengthen or Shorten the torso
  6. Wide or Narrow Hip Adjustments
  7. Full or Flat Butt Adjustments
  8. Swayback adjustment
  9. Large calf adjustments
  10. Large or Thin Leg Adjustments
  11. Seam Finishes
  12. Lining and underlining
  13. Getting started with pockets and darts
  14. Assembling the legs
  15. Waistband and pocket
  16. Your Completed Clover Projects

Colette's Clover sewalong isn't the only trousers sewalong available - although it is the one that focuses the most on fit.  What other trousers sewalongs are available (that consider fit)? 

Sunni, on her blog 'A Fashionable Stitch', has done one with a wide-legged trouser pattern from BurdaStyle.


Lauren, on her blog 'Lladybird', has done a sewalong with Sewaholic's Thurlow (a pattern that we also sell).


Heather Lou has done a sewlong with her Closet Case Files Ginger jeans.


IndieSew did a sewalong for Named's Jamie jeans.


Have I missed any?  Do let me know in the comments!  Please also let me know if I have missed any good resources, classes, etc. on trousers fitting!

Getting back to this week's 'Outfit of the Week', I've paired Clover with McCall's 7163.  Off-the-shoulder tops were a big summer trend, as I talked about in a previous blog post.  I've continued seeing great off-the-shoulder tops on fashion blogs as we've been heading into Autumn, so I decided to feature one this week.  McCall's 7163 is a really easy sew, so - if you're feeling this trend - you should be able to whip one up quickly and get a lot of wear out of it in the coming weeks and months!  Clover is also an easy-to-sew pattern (aimed at beginners).  So, if you're considering making a pair of slim-fitted trousers, you really can't go wrong with choosing Clover.  To find out more about this week's outfit - and to see the patterns and suggested fabrics - click here.


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October 04, 2015 by Amy Lloyd
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