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This week's outfit is Liesl + Co.'s Maritime knit top with Named's Shadi knit skirt.  Here's what inspired the outfit:

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If you're a regular reader of my blog, you might have noticed that there was no outfit last week.  That's because I went to a tradeshow in Germany at the end of last week and didn't have enough time to throw together an outfit beforehand!  Unlike my last tradeshow in Birmingham, I actually remembered to take photos this time round!  If you'd like to see what happens at a tradeshow, do check out the album I created on Facebook this week.  I found loads more lovely fabrics at the show and can't wait to show you my new finds over the coming months!  To make space for the new fabrics, we're actually going to be having a big sale soon.  So, keep your eyes peeled for the start of the sale: I'll be announcing it on our newsletter and our social media accounts.  :-)

Ok - back to this week's outfit!  You might have noticed that there's a new face among the inspiration photos.  That's because I've changed the roster of fashion bloggers I follow!  And I've really changed it.  When I initially chose which fashion bloggers to follow (to provide inspiration for our weekly outfits), I essentially tried to choose ones that were really popular - that had big followings.  However, as time wore on, it seemed to me that they were all a little bit samey and unrepresentative - all slender women in their 20s and 30s.  So, a few weeks ago, I decided to change things up.  I did some research and found some popular older and curvier fashion bloggers to follow.  I'm absolutely loving the change and I hope you will too!  It's so nice seeing different types of outfits on a range of body types and ages.  You'll start seeing these new bloggers popping up in our outfits over the coming weeks and months. I've also created a board on Pinterest with all the fashion bloggers I'm currently following.  If you have a favourite blogger that I'm not currently following, please do let me know!  

See the board on Pinterest


This week's outfit consists of Liesl + Co.'s Maritime knit top with Named's Shadi knit skirt.  This is one of these outfits that looks smart, but is secretly incredibly comfy.  :-)


The Maritime knit top is a basic knit top that has a bateau neckline and side vents.  It is fitted, but not too fitted (there is a little bit of ease at the bust) and there are two sleeve length options (3/4 length and short).  Finally, it can be made in both lightweight stretchy knits like jersey, as well as more stable, heavier knits like ponte di roma.  You can see how Martime compares to other popular knit tops by looking at a previous 'Sewing Pattern Comparison' post I wrote.

Named's Shadi is popular knit skirt pattern.  In fact, it's the most popular pattern by Named that we sell!  It's an easy-to-make pencil skirt pattern that can be made from medium-weight knits.  It's got an elasticated, high waist, and it fits snuggly (it has negative ease at the hips).

Based on the inspiration images, I've recommended a few of our jerseys and ponte di romas.  Below is our white Rosalie viscose jersey with our black Romola ponte di roma.  Rosalie is a heavier viscose jersey - much heavier than your average viscose jersey - and you can't see through this white one.  Our Romola ponte di romas are really popular: they're hefty and pill-resistant.

Next, we have our grey and white striped organic cotton jersey paired with our black Romola ponte di roma.  We have several colours of these striped organic cotton jerseys and they're all really lovely!  They're also not too thin and you can't see through them.

Here's our black Aurele viscose jersey with our grey Romola ponte di roma.  Our Aurele viscose jerseys are thinner than our Rosalie viscose jerseys.  They hang beautifully, are wrinkle-resistant, and have a lovely, subtle sheen to them.  

Finally, here's our monochrome striped ponte di roma - which is just a great, medium-weight striped ponte di roma!


This week's patterns are quite simple.  While I love more complex patterns with fantastic details, I also enjoy working with simple patterns.  Not only are they easy and fast to sew - so satisfying - but they are easy to change up and customise.  The inspiration photos this week give some great ideas for customization:


Further Details

Liesl + Co. Maritime Knit Top
£11.50 (£10.35 until noon on Monday!)
Sizes: 0-20
Level: level 1
Reviews: 2 reviews on and both are positive
Similar patterns: Grainline Studio Lark; Tilly and the Buttons Agnes; Burda 6990; Sewaholic Renfrew

Named Shadi Knit Skirt
£11.50 (£10.35 until noon on Monday!)
Sizes: 32-46
Level: very simple
Reviews: 4 reviews on and all are positive
Similar patterns: Colette Mabel


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March 25, 2016 by Amy Lloyd
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