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I'm Back!

I'm super excited to introduce you to the newest member of The Splendid Stitch's team!  Meet baby Annabel:


She's now almost two months old, and is smiling and cooing - and just so much fun.  As she's now into a bit more of a settled routine, I've returned to work.  And by that, I mean that I'm doing some work from home during her naps.  :-)  It's definitely nice to have something else to occupy my mind - and keep me busy - while she's sleeping!  She'll likely go to a local nursery on a part-time basis when she's a little older.  However, I'm going to try to keep her by my side for as long as possible.  



While I've been away, Isobel has been expertly taking care of things.  She's going to continue packing all the orders, doing the customer service, and posting on social media now that I'm back.  

I had hoped to post more new outfits on the blog while I was away, but I'm afraid that I was overly optimistic about what I could accomplish in those early weeks after giving birth: the first few weeks were quite a challenge!  LOL  I'm sure that most of you who have children saw that coming!  :-)  The outfit posts will be resuming very soon - but in a slightly different format.  Isobel and I have been cooking up something really exciting, and I can't wait to show it to you.  Keep your eyes peeled: I'll be revealing all on the blog shortly!  Also keep your eyes peeled for new products: I've been ordering like crazy over the last few days and some really lovely new fabrics and sewing patterns are going to start appearing on the website very soon!


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January 10, 2017 by Amy Lloyd
Tags: News
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Sue Hulley

Sue Hulley said:

Very many congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful daughter. Thank you for sharing your photos with us customers!
You both look incredibly well.
Looking forward to seeing all your new stock online, but don’t be overdoing too soon!

With very best wishes

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