Massive Sale - and Some Big News!

I've got three big pieces of news to share today - two happy and one sad.  First, some happy news: I'm pregnant with my second child!  As long-time readers will know, I had my first baby, Annabel, in November 2016.  My husband and I had always planned to have two - and we were so excited to find out a few months ago that I was pregnant again (as we now know, with another girl!).  I'm due later in the summer - and I'm just so, so happy: I can't wait to meet her!

As you can see in the photos, I'm really showing now (I got huge with Annabel - and it looks like I'll be even bigger with this one!).  I'm wearing a bit of a frankenpattern that's hot off my sewing machine: a maternity blouse based on my custom-fit sloper that uses design elements from Sew Over It's pussybow blouse.  I've used our moonlit floral viscose broadcloth and I love it: it's so light and silky!  I feel so put-together wearing it: I can't wait to debut it at Annabel's playgroup later this week!  LOL :-)  I'm planning to do another blog post soon in which I talk about how I cobbled together my frankenpattern.  Because I used my sloper, I didn't have to do any fitting - yay!!  


Ok - so that's some good news.  Now the bad news.  I can't believe I'm having to write this, but I've decided that - with baby #2 on the way - I'm going to have to close down The Splendid Stitch.  This pregnancy has been really rough: my morning sickness lasted so much longer than it did with Annabel.  Thankfully, I'm now feeling much, much better.  However, the last few months were quite a struggle and it really made me think about how I'm going to manage to keep the business afloat once the baby arrives and I've got a newborn and a toddler to look after.  Keeping the business going when I had Annabel in late-2016 ended up being a bit stressful: Isobel worked at our premises packing all the orders and doing the customer service, while I tried to fit in all the other (numerous) responsibilities during Annabel's naptimes.  It was such a struggle that I ended up deciding to downsize the business in the summer of 2017 and brought it into my home. However, I've still found it difficult to find time to devote to it (as I'm sure most of you have guessed, given how few new fabrics have appeared on the website!), and things are only going to get worse when the baby arrives.  So, with great reluctance, I've decided that the best thing to do is to close it.  I have so enjoyed running The Splendid Stitch and it's going to be so, so hard to send off the last order.  However, I know, deep down, that it's the best decision. 


Since I'm closing the business, I now need to get rid of all the stock.  So, that leads to my other piece of good news: we're having a massive sale!  I've just marked down all our fabrics and sewing patterns so that they're 40-60% off!!  There's lots and lots of gems, and I hope you're able to take advantage of the massive discounts and find something you like!  Also, if you have any friends who sew, I'd so appreciate it if you could spread the word about the sale!  

To visit our online shop and see what's on sale, click here. :-)

Finally, I just wanted to add that, while I'm closing the business, I'm going to be keeping this blog and The Splendid Stitch's social media accounts: I'll just be using them to share my personal sewing makes.  :-)  The 'Level 1: Learn to Sew' course is also not going to disappear.  So, I'm definitely not going to vanish from the sewing community: if anything, without needing to work on the business, I'm really hoping that I'll have more time to sew!  I've got lots of makes planned for the coming months: I can't wait to get started!

Me and my sidekick, Annabel.  She woke up early from her nap and was very intrigued by the camera!  LOL




April 03, 2019 by Amy Lloyd
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