Not Jeans: Trousers in Denim and Chambray

Baby-watch continues here.  My husband is bringing home curry and pineapple for dinner tonight, so hopefully things will get started soon!

This week's featured outfit is Burda 6573 - a really lovely trousers pattern.  Here's the images that inspired the outfit:

Images from: Atlantic-Pacific; The Fashion Guitar; Not Dressed as Lamb; Cupcakes and Cashmere; Nicolette MasonCupcakes and Cashmere.


6573 is a great new pattern from Burda.  Here's what it looks like:


I absolutely love the design of this pattern - particularly the details at the waist, with the partial waistband at the front and the fitted darts at the back.  The optional buttons are also great - as are the trendy length options (both wide floor-length and cropped trousers are in right now).  

As for fabrics, drawing inspiration from the images above, I've selected a medium-weight chambray from Robert Kaufman and our navy crosshatch denim.  They're both really lovely fabrics (as you can see in the photos below - they both have really interesting, characterful weaves).  In terms of weight, they're both a great weight for trousers, with the denim being slightly heavier than the chambray.  They also both have lots of body, but soften slightly when laundered (I've laundered samples of both).  

The top fabric is the chambray and the bottom fabric is the denim.


As for what you can pair with chambray/denim trousers, the world is your oyster here!  They're basically a more dressy version of jeans - and we all know how versatile jeans are when it comes to choosing tops.  :-)  I love the pretty blouses/shirts and knit tops that the bloggers have paired (all neatly tucked in) with their trousers.  I also couldn't help but notice that most of the bloggers have chosen a white top.  White looks so great with denim, don't you think?  A very crisp and clean look.


Finally, I should also point out that we also have a few other patterns that would work with these fabrics and this trend.  First, there's Pauline Alice's Sorell trousers


Burda 6812 is another great option:


Finally, Vogue's versatile but now sadly-out-of-print 2532 pattern would also work well (we've still got a few copies!):


Further Details

Burda 6573
£5.85 (£5.27 until 25 November!)
Sizes: 6-18
Level: easy
Reviews: no reviews on
Similar Patterns: Pauline Alice's Sorell trousersBurda 6812Vogue 2532


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November 17, 2016 by Amy Lloyd
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