Sandrine Navy Stretch Denim


This is a really nice stretch denim in navy.  It has a smooth finish and lots of body (it isn't drapey).  With 4% spandex, it is also very stretchy.  At 6 oz, it is probably not heavy enough for jeans (although, it has to be said that - to me - it feels almost heavier and has more body than our Sydney 8.6 oz denim; so, I think it might work for fitted jeans).  It would certainly work well for other types of trousers (both fitted and unfitted), as well as for dresses and skirts requiring a medium-weight, non-drapey fabric. 

Composition: 96% cotton, 4% spandex
Width: 130 cm
Weight: 6 oz per square yard
Manufacturer: Robert Kaufman

Purchasing Tip: Our fabric is sold by the quarter metre (0.25 m). Please enter the number of quarter metres you'd like in the quantity box above (i.e. if you'd like 1 m of fabric, enter 4 into the quantity box). You will receive one continuous length of fabric.