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Dorothea Black Wool Suiting - 43 cm Remnant

£12.81 £6.41

A lovely black wool suiting that is made in Yorkshire.  It has a very fine twill weave.  It is also woven from worsted yarns: worsted yarns have been carded and combed, which makes them smoother, stronger and more lustrous than regular woolen yarns.  Fabrics made from worsted yarns wear, tailor and press well.  Finally, this suiting is classified as a flannel suiting.  Wool flannel is nothing like the fuzzy cotton flannel used for pajamas: wool flannels are just wool fabrics that have been brushed slightly, producing a slightly napped finish.  The nap on this particular flannel is very slight. 

Composition: 100% wool
Width: 150 cm
Weight: 310-330 gsm
Origin: England