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Prym Jersey Sewing Machine Needles - Sizes 70-90


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This pack contains the following jersey sewing machine needles:

Size 70: 2 needles
Size 80: 2 needles
Size 90: 1 needle

Jersey needles have a rounded point and are suitable for sweater knits and loosely-woven knits.

Wondering about what size needle you need?  Here's a handy guide:

Very light fabrics - size 60 or 70 (i.e. chiffon, georgette, organza, tulle)
Light fabrics - size 70 or 80 (i.e. voile, lawn, crepe de chine)Medium fabrics - size 80 or 90 (i.e. poplin, cotton shirting, linen, calico, velvet, knits, crepe, brocade, taffeta, fine denims, fine tweeds, suiting)
Medium heavy fabrics - size 90 or 100 (i.e. denim, tweed, gabardine, twill, coating)
Heavy fabrics - size 100 (i.e. ticking, heavy coating, canvas, fake fur)

Sizes: 70, 80, and 90
Type: jersey
Manufacturer: Prym