Lucia Silver Sequinned Knit

£3.95 £3.20

Wanting to make something sparkly?  This is a fantastic knit sequined fabric.  The small sequins have been sewn onto a lightweight knit fabric in parallel lines. The result is almost a glossy effect: a wall of lustrous sequins.  Another wonderful thing about this fabric is the way the sequins reflect light: as you (and the fabric) move, different parts of the fabric sparkle.  We currently have this fabric in two colourways: silver and black.  With its silver sequins, the silver colourway is the more sparkly of the two, while the black (with its black sequins) has a more subtle sparkle. Wondering what to make with this fabric?  Check out our sequined fabrics Pinterest board for inspiration!

Composition: sequins on nylon-spandex knit fabric (the base nylon-spandex fabric has a similar feel to a lightweight viscose knit)
Width: 135 cm

Purchasing Tip: Our fabric is sold by the quarter metre (0.25 m). Please enter the number of quarter metres you'd like in the quantity box above (i.e. if you'd like 1 m of fabric, enter 4 into the quantity box). You will receive one continuous length of fabric.