Eva Navy Poly-Viscose Suiting


Wanting to make a smart skirt, dress or pair of trousers, and want an easy-care fabric that you can throw in the washing machine?  Our Eva poly-viscose suiting is for you.  It's a nice, medium-weight, stretch gabardine suiting fabric.  (Gabardine is a tightly-woven twill fabric, with fine, diagonal lines.  It is wrinkle-resistant, durable, and is often used in tailored clothing.)

Composition: 62% polyester, 32% viscose, 6% elastane
Width: 140 cm
Weight: around 300 gsm

Purchasing Tip: Our fabric is sold by the quarter metre (0.25 m). Please enter the number of quarter metres you'd like in the quantity box above (i.e. if you'd like 1 m of fabric, enter 4 into the quantity box). You will receive one continuous length of fabric.