Named Polly Skirt

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A straight-cut midi skirt with a normal rise.  It has a zipper closure, a deep vent at the front, and diagonal side pockets. The front and back are made of four pieces, which can be topstitched if desired. The waistband has a snap button fastening and belt loops.The skirt is lined above the knee, and the lining is attached to the skirt only at the waist and zip fly, so that it can be hand-washed separately from the shell if necessary.


Multi-sized pattern in sizes 32 to 46.  For Named's size chart, see the last image

Difficulty Rating

Named has four difficulty levels: 'very simple', 'simple', 'average' and 'advanced'.  This pattern is rated 'average'.

Fabric Needed

Select a medium-weight fabric with approximately 5 - 10 % stretch. Select a stretch lining as well. You can also use faux leather or light leather. If you choose leather, check the ‘Shell, leather’ chart below to see how much leather you need. Leather is sold by square foot, but note that since the size and quality of the hides can vary a lot, the actual requirement might also differ from the one given in the chart

How much fabric do you need?  See the second last image

Haberdashery Needed

            Fusible interfacing: 40 cm; 15 cm / 6” zipper; 2 snap buttons; Topstitching thread.