Named Wenona Dress and Top

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This pattern includes two variations: a loose-fitting button-up shirt, and a knee-length shirt dress. Triangular collar fastened with three buttons: two at front and one at back.  Three-piece sleeve, with the middle piece continuing up to the collar. Cuffed sleeves with slits and closure with two buttons. Inverted pleat at back. An optional front pleat detail.


Multi-sized pattern in sizes 32 to 46.  For Named's size chart, see the last image

Difficulty Rating

Named has four difficulty levels: 'very simple', 'simple', 'average' and 'advanced'.  This pattern is rated 'average'.

Fabric Needed

Choose a light- or medium-weight fabric (i.e. flannel, poplin, shirting)

How much fabric do you need?  See the second last image

Haberdashery Needed

Shirt: 65 cm / 26”
 interfacing, 16 buttons

Dress: 100 cm / 40” interfacing, 19 buttons