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Madeleine White Poplin

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This fabric is part of our Madeleine range of nice-quality cotton poplins.  Poplin is a plain-weave fabric with a very slight ribbed texture (as the weft threads are a little heavier than the warp threads).  Its dense weave and crisp hand make it very suitable for making shirts and shirt dresses. 

A few words about the opaqueness of this fabric (it is a white shirting!).  It's pretty opaque.  However, you'd probably still want to wear a bra matching your skin tone underneath it.

Composition: 100% cotton
Width: 150 cm
Weight: around 125 gsm
Certification: meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Purchasing Tip: Our fabric is sold by the quarter metre (0.25 m). Please enter the number of quarter metres you'd like in the quantity box above (i.e. if you'd like 1 m of fabric, enter 4 into the quantity box). You will receive one continuous length of fabric.